Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Slaughterhouse-Five and Tortilla Curtain Book Circles

Please have at least two members of your book circle comment here about your latest meeting. You should report on the ideas your group discussed, as well as on the quality of your group process. Feel free to record questions your group was unable to answer, as students from the other AP Lit classes will be reading and responding to your comments. When you comment, please include both the title of your book and the pages you read for your last discussion. Please post your comments withing 24 hours after the book circle meeting.

In addition, at least two members of your book circle should visit the blogs of the other AP Lit classes and respond to their comments. Please complete this within 24 hours after the other students post.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Google Docs Workshop

On March 1st, you had the opportunity to try out GoogleDocs in a writer's workshop situation. I'd really appreciate your feedback on how this went. What did you like about it? What frustrated you? Do you think GoogleDocs is a good tool for workshopping an essay? What do you think of GoogleDocs in general? Do you see other ways it might be useful to you? How might a tool like this change the way we write, think, interact?