Thursday, March 01, 2007

Google Docs Workshop

On March 1st, you had the opportunity to try out GoogleDocs in a writer's workshop situation. I'd really appreciate your feedback on how this went. What did you like about it? What frustrated you? Do you think GoogleDocs is a good tool for workshopping an essay? What do you think of GoogleDocs in general? Do you see other ways it might be useful to you? How might a tool like this change the way we write, think, interact?


Blogger Dayna said...

I thought Google Docs was an interesting tool to learn about, but I would not recommend using it for future Tuesday Writings or workshops. It could come in handy in other cases, but since Tuesday Writings are to prepare for the AP test when we will have to write on paper, I think it’s better to practice the way it will be on the test. Also, I am still a big fan of using Word and just emailing someone a document as an attachment if you want them to edit it (I don’t know if people in the class realized, but you can highlight in different colors and even add comments – by going to Insert, Comment – in Word). The only other thing that bothered me about Google Docs for workshopping was the way there were often two people editing one paper at the same time, and my comments got knocked off several times. I think it was a good thing to introduce us to once, but I still just like using basic pen and paper for essays and workshops.

Mon Mar 05, 07:07:00 PM 2007  
Blogger Steph said...

Using Google Docs saved paper, which I definitely liked and there was no trouble with interpreting handwriting. However, I had some trouble getting into the flow of the essay because it's just not the same without pen and paper. The comments were also annoying and distracting and made the essay cluttered; I prefer handwritten comments in the margins. I think that I will use Google Docs in college so that my good old AP English buddies can help me edit papers. It's also handy for sending papers to yourself. I really prefer the classic Tuesday writings with pen and paper.

Mon Apr 02, 07:03:00 PM 2007  

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